Fiesta de los maniquíes

by Duda Deportiva



released November 4, 2016
Cover of the original song by Germán Coppini & Teo Cardalda (Golpes Bajos).

製作人 / Producer: Alan Smithee
錄音師 / Sound engineer: Chema González.
混音師 / Mixed by Chema González.
母帶後製 / Mastered by Zac Chang (Re:Public Studio)

設計 / Art & Design: Chema González.




Duda Deportiva 台北市, Taiwan

DUDA DEPORTIVA is a Hispanic-Taiwanese pop band based in Taipei (Taiwan), formed in 2011 by the Spanish songwriter, Chema González.

Duda Deportiva are Chema González (vocals and guitar), Zac Chang (bass), Chen Han (drums) & Michii Hayashi (guitar).
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